Various Properties

Various Properties is an ongoing collection of works exploring thoughts and ideas around female inheritance and identity. 
From this  several artists books and video work have been created.
handmade books and video work
Messy Hair(2007-08)

Messy Hair is an exploration of ideas relating to inheritance and the process of constructing identity through the passing on of skills, stories, habits,from woman to woman, mother to daughter within the familial line. Two artists books have been produced as response.

Messy Hair Handmade box with DVD and concertina book. Edition 4 (2007) 
Messy Hair(edited version)Folded freestanding book. Edition 15 (2008)

Messy Hair(2007)

Messy Hair(2007) detail

Messy Hair(2007) video still

Messy Hair edited version (2008)
Messy Hair edited version (2008)


After the death of my mother followed by the birth of my youngest daughter I began a period of reflection. Imprint a small book simply constructed was created as I thought "Growing into mother's shoes, do we follow in our mothers  footsteps?" 

Imprint Concertina hard back book with slip cover edition of 25(2005)

Imprint (2005)
Imprint (2005)